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Broccoli // The New York Times

Michael Moss, a reporter from The New York Times, asked us if it was possible to rebrand broccoli. Not only did we take his challenge to heart, we also invited him to film our entire process in hopes of creating a story interesting enough to have a real effect on broccoli sales. 

American Airlines

All of the major airlines offer pretty similar service. To help American stand out with flyers, we transformed the fact that they fly more people more miles than any other airline into an emotional benefit based on an understanding that where and why people fly is important.

Bank Midwest

Bank Midwest's strongest asset is the people who work there. They still do all the stuff that really matters. As a way to help them stand out, we called out everything you get at Bank Midwest that's missing from banking with the bigger national chains.

NBH Bank

NBH is the holding company for Bank Midwest and a few other banks. They asked us to help them get their employees to bank where they work. To call out the really great benefits NBH offers its employees, we created a very simple campaign that featured real bankers who were really sad their co-workers weren't getting the benefits and service they deserve.


Helping a phone book survive in the age of Google is not an easy task. As a way to give people a reason to keep their phone books, we suggested that Superpages guarantee the best business inside their phone books as a way to keep them out of the recycler.

Captain D's Seafood

Captain D's asked us to help consumers rekindle their love for seafood. After talking to a lot of people, we realized there are a lot of folks out there that are already pretty crazy about fish. After gaining that insight, it was then just a matter of taking that passion and presenting it in a way that was really memorable.

ABC // News 8

Local ABC Affiliate, News 8, asked us to help viewers get to know their newest morning anchor. To spread the word about Ron Corning, we created a series of spots that had fun with the moments when the newscast broke for commercials.


Bausch+Lomb wanted a global commercial that featured their packaging, worked in any language and was able to hold a ton of product information. To make this happen, we transformed their packaging into an international storytelling device. 


Crocs asked us to help them spread the word about their new line of shoes. While radio was the preferred media channel of our client, we also developed several ideas that took advantage of social media to help create some extra buzz. My favorite of these was a Facebook app that scanned people's profiles to identify their favorite color and then recommended shoes to match.


As a way to have a little fun and get our agency holiday card a little extra attention, we made it the next chapter in a trending conversation about the media's portrayal of women. Thanks to some great timing and some amazing in-house Photoshop expertise our video got over six million views.


Creative Director // Victors&Spoils //  2012 - Present

When I started at Victors&Spoils, I was one of 13 employees. After two years, I am proud to say that I have had the opportunity to help the agency grow from 13 to 50 very talented people. As a CD, my job is to do whatever it takes to set up everybody around me for success. Most days this takes the form of actively working on creative briefs while also managing internal teams, freelancers and large creative crowds. Of all the experiences Ive had at V&S, being the Creative Director on several pitches that have led to the beginning of some of the agencys first AOR relationships gives me the most pride. While I get to work on a range of brands within the agency, I spend most of my time as the CD on Bank Midwest, Community Banks of Colorado, Crocs and Driscoll’s berries.


Associate Creative Director // Temerlin McClain // 1998-2011

Temerlin McClain is part of McCann Worldgroup. It’s also the agency that gave me my first real job in advertising. I spent a lot of the early part of my career at TM and managed to go from a junior art director to an associate creative director. During this time, I worked on everything I could get my hands on, which included American Airlines, Subaru, Nationwide Insurance, Discover Network and ExxonMobil. As an ACD, I continued to work on as many accounts and briefs as possible, while also taking on the responsibility of being the lead creative team in charge of managing Captain D’s Seafood and the Superyellow Pages. 

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In terms of pastimes, when I’m not thinking about advertising, which is most of the time, I try to spend as many hours as possible with my awesome wife helping raise our two kickass kids. When not trying to keep my children alive, I enjoy playing Texas Hold’em, camping, video games and television shows about zombies, prisons and pawn shops.


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